Strategies for Living an Exceptional Life after 50

Welcome to Life Forever Now Netcasts.

Between May and August, 2012, we (Rich Guy Miller and team of will be setting up a regular netcast interviews with experts and advocates of:

  • Clarity (Brain Health),
  • Longevity and Life Extension,
  • Vitality (Living Fully) as well as
  • Rebirth (Survivors of incredible life-shifts)

Rich will also be offering clips and full copies of his forthcoming books:

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Watch this page for further developments, such as conferences in Oceanside, CA on Vitality, Health and Rebirth.


“Our duty as human beings is to proceed as if the limits of our capabilities do not exist.” Tielhard de Chardin

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One Response to Strategies for Living an Exceptional Life after 50

  1. Bob Hickey says:

    Hi Rich….. I just wanted to say again – a very sincere THANKS for your little pep talk today, …… I was at a pretty low point in my travels, and, being the magicman that you are, you pulled a rabbit out of the hat for me just in time- in time to give me a glimmer of that oh so elusive substance that we all need a dose of from time to time- hope …….! Thanks, and I’ll keep pushin’ in the RIGHT direction..again………

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