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I am that

Gurus for centuries have spent years meditating on the meaning of “I am that.” It is a profound concept when fully discerned. Full of nuances of meaning, I offer a quick insight I recently had in hopes you might consider … Continue reading

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Our Brains Are Plastic, Post 1

“Our brains are plastic. Every experience alters our brain’s organization on some level.” The SharpBrains Guide to Brain Fitness Neuroscience is not just for scientists. Nor is it simply theories developed by brainiacs. These days there is a lot the … Continue reading

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Longevity Personified

I am so impressed with the centenarians interviewed for the Georgia Centenarian Study. Watching them, , I wept and felt like I had found “my people.” They are beautiful! They inspire me. They get my head in a better space. … Continue reading

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Brain Fitness, Day One

I’ve started a blog post on “Brain Fitness,” over at Life Forever “Brain Fitness” is the program for improving brain function by Posit Science. For more introductory information, see See my day-by-day progress here. I encourage you to … Continue reading

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Twelve Commitments To Life book intro

The posts on this page are written by Rich or his short video posts. The topic is: strategies for living an exceptional life. Please feel free to comment. Videos and other digitized content starring outstanding speakers, coaches and healers are … Continue reading

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Freedom, the Final Frontier

Americans celebrate their freedom in many ways. After all, aren’t they the inventors of freedom? Not really. And we Americans have much to learn about freedom yet. Freedom is often perceived as freedom from dictators, freedom to voice one’s opinions, … Continue reading

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Three Steps for Focus- Ride the LUGE

This is the first of our posts and interviews on Life Forever Now. This six minute video is about a simple three step process I use to get back in the game of life.   In short: 1. I check … Continue reading

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