Brain Health and Clarity

The ability to think and use that capacity as a tool to move forward, make plans and exercise growing awareness is essential to living an exceptional life. Without access to memories, problem solving and creative processes, principles of language and math, we lose our independence and identity.

Here I’d like to share videos and tips for alertness, brain health and brain development.

Wondering about where mental clarity comes from and how we might get it, it’s fun to consider how difficult these questions are. For eons, mental functions were hidden from any live analysis and rehabilitation from head injuries were uncommon. Study of brain function was extremely limited. Still, there is a lot we don’t know:


Learning is essential to growth, success and enjoyment of life. Even a game requires studying the rules, equipment and playing field. The more we understand about the game, the better we can perform, enjoy and participate. Stephen Chew is a Cognitive Psychologist (he studies how we learn) and Professor of Psychology at Samford University. Here he shares some of the ways students, or anyone learning anything, can trip up their learning efforts.

Michael Merzenich is one of the world’s experts in brain plasicity. He and his team have developed remarkable techniques to study, and then, improve human brain functions that are critical to success, such as visual and auditory development, language, and extended attention. His Posit Science Corporation is busy changing the lives of the most challenging patients by improving the cognitive functions of the learning disabled, autistic and aged.
Here Dr. Merzenich explains many basics of brain development at a 2004 TED Conference in Monterey, CA.

Read more in “The Brain That Changes Itself,” by Norman Doidge, M.D.
Brain health is vastly enhanced when we get our heart rate elevated. We learn faster, think more clearly, make decisions faster and have more feel-good hormones produced. What could be wrong?


Happiness is essential for brain health. Mental clarity is pretty impossible without happiness. But what is happiness and how can we find it? To me, happiness comes from discovering who we are and committing to growth into that self we want (and were designed) to be.
YouTube channel “Psychetruth” offers some warm thoughts on this video on finding happiness.

Tony Buzan is another widely recognized expert in brain health and development.

In Search of Genius, part 1.

Part two of In Search of Genius:

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