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Live long and well, my friend, whether you are over 50 or younger.
Nancy Parker is a Holistic Lifestyle Coach living in Encinitas, California. She is also the Head of the Therapeutic Exercise Department at Rancho La Puerta. Nancy brings over 14 years of experience in fitness and physical therapy and incorporates metabolic typing, dance and Pilates to help her clients gain ease of movement, mental awareness and joie d’ vivre.
She was a delightful guest, full of great info and beautiful energy that I think will translate as you watch the interview.

Nancy Parker’s website is Her YouTube channel is “Nancy Parker.”
San Diego healer, teacher and author Ariel Talmor was interviewed by Rich in August 2012. We talked about balance, healing, love and his new book, Sole to Soul: How to Love and Heal. Ariel has studied all over the world, which gives him some entertaining insights.

Visit Ariel’s book on
If you are over 50, you may be dealing with some joint pain more commonly than earlier. The following is a new YouTube video by Dr. Mercola. He lists several supplements that can be helpful, discusses the role of exercise, weight, stress, etc.

Dr. Mercola’s health tips are found at his website,

Local nutritionist and San Diego resident Jeannette Santino shares new information on 95% bio-available, isotonic capable supplements in this YouTube video. This may not sound exciting at first, but bodies respond very well to nutrition that is easily absorbed into the blood stream.

Living well in community can begin with raising food in common spaces… without official permission and impact studies, as done in Todmorden, England. There activists in search of a kinder, healthier future realized that if the people will lead by planting, the leaders will follow, weeding.

Jane McGonigal was filmed in June 2012 at TED Global. There she shared her love of gaming as an antidote to end-of-life regrets. She’s done the math and the research. According to her, playing video games helps with problem solving, social interaction, playful engagement with wish fulfillment and overall health. Don’t be a spoil-sport; look at a unique way to live longer as presented at TED.

Brendan Brazier has an athletic approach, but one that insists on quick recovery. Here he talks about elements of his discovery of whole foods from a plant-based diet. His book, The Thrive Diet, has new information on reducing nutritional stress.

My book, The Twelve Commitments To Life talks about the 12 Life Essences, those foundational elements of human life that we depend on to survive, need to grow and thrive. One of those essences is “Arousal.” It’s not just sex, it’s allowing ourselves to be aroused by meaningful sensory input, feelings and other people. It’s great for our health, our brains and more.

But this TED speaker, Nicole Daedone, does a very good job of describing a sensual way of connecting with our sexual selves. She calls it “Slow Sex.” If you are feeling aroused, go ahead and watch this. Better yet, save it to watch with your committed lover. It takes about 15 minutes.

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