Three Steps for Focus- Ride the LUGE

This is the first of our posts and interviews on Life Forever Now. This six minute video is about a simple three step process I use to get back in the game of life.


In short:
1. I check my emotional and mental status by projecting it out for my day, week and life. Is this what I really want?

2. Remind myself what I am all about. I believe that my true self is a LUGE. Love, Understanding and Gratitude Energies.

3. Project out into my day and week (preferably with detailed examples) being Loving with those I will be living with and working with; Understanding those same people; having Gratitude for them, for the situation we found ourselves in, for having the opportunities life brings our way.

My image of the Olympic Winter sport called the Luge, reminds me that what I center on the Energies of Love, Understanding and Gratitude, I get to the future quickly, smartly and victoriously.


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